Work That Fits Your Life.™ 

HireQ is your online virtual recruiter, working for you 24x7. We are not a recruitment agency.  Built by job seekers for job seekers, HireQ uses technology to enable highly personalized and relevant job matching using the digital profile you create. HireQ works like a reverse job board. Pre-define your personal job requirements and job preferences and trigger real time introductions to jobs that fit your life.  Use HireQ to stay informed of job opportunities, even when you aren't actively looking for work.  Use HireQ to identify suitable full time, part time, freelance, contract, temporary, project based and even volutneer work opportunities.  Key benefits using HireQ include:

Personalized & automated job matching like nobody's business.

Job matches are optimized based on what you specify in your digital profile, not your search history or clicking behaviors. Discover jobs that match your skills, your degree, your interests or a variety of preferences that together make you truly unique and clearly differentiates you from your competition.

No repetitive job applications.

Your digital profile becomes a general application that attracts opportunities based on who you are, what you like, what you need and what you want. Include everything about you, your accomplishments and your aspirations. Also include details about the workplace environment you want and other career attributes like the type of technology you like to use, how often and where you want to travel to, benefits and perks, etc.  

Stay connected.

Your digital profile is always listening for new and suitable opportunities to introduce to you, eliminating the need to search. The right job opportunities at just the right time will always be there waiting for you. 

Maintain your privacy.

Your digital profile is not publically accessible and remains 100% anonymous to prospective employers. Share your information only when you approve of an introduction with a prospective employer.


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Despite evolving technology, being able to identify quality applicants quickly remains highly problematic. To make matters worse, 'one-click apply' features on many job boards today, still allow anyone, anywhere to apply for any job, regardless of suitability or qualifications. 

HireQ uses technology to standardize the talent sourcing process in order to optimize job matching, first and foremost. Standardization ensures that applicants can be equally assessed against job descriptions. This in turn enables short-listing automation to drive effective quality results. Be only introduced to candidates that fit your company culture, job requirements and whose individual values, motivators and personal preferences align with yours, ensuring that you always have a pre-qualified pipeline of candidates to pursue when the need arises.

Have a unique hiring strategy for a specific job or perhaps for your company?  With HireQ, you can instantly recalibrate your qualified applicants to gain insights on the right candidates to pursue.

Hiring shouldn't be event driven. Request access to our full service beta which is free for a limited time and let the qualified talent you want, find you. 


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